17 Innings Later…Drab Dodgers Beat Fair-To-Middling Friars

joey votto dog

May 23, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

The Dodgers had to play nearly two games in order to avoid a series sweep at the hands of the pedestrian Padres. It took seventeen innings for Los Dogs to finish the fair-to-middling Friars and close out another losing series.

Puig’s single to break the tie in the top of the seventeenth was exciting. However, series losses to mediocre teams, coupled with a bleak outlook for the rest of the season, overshadow el caballo salvaje’s accomplishments.

The Dodgers will get a bit of a breather as the Reds roll into town, but a Mets/Cubs road trip looms large. The Dogs take off for the big apple on Thursday, the Cubs series starts the following Monday. We don’t need a prediction from Swami Vivekananda to tell us that it isn’t going to go well. The Dodgers tepid offense and one-man rotation ain’t gonna cut it.

Look out for the rascalsoftheravine.com special feature, Mavericks and Modelos: California League Chaos Part I, it will be posted on May 27th! We had a ball at Stater Bros. Stadium yesterday, you’ll get the scoop on prospects, mascots, grub, grog, and more! Dig all the deranged details on Friday!

Will Kershaw—oh why even bother…yes, he’s going to win…yes, he’s going to strike out more than ten batters…yes, the sun will come out tomorrow and the sky is blue. Whew! Will Brandon Finnegan relinquish lusty long balls or laced Lucky Charms? Will Extreme Loaded Dogs carry a Joey Votto special topped with spaghetti? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth seekers!


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