Kershaw Halts Dodger Skid, Drives Team Bus To Airport, Provides In-Flight Beverage Service


May 2nd, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Clayton Kershaw does it all. Yesterday, he brought The Dodgers’ losing streak to a screaming halt, as he struck out fourteen and drove in the lone run of the day. Final score, 1-0 Dodgers.

Impressive as Kershaw was in the contest, his “I got this” mindset continued after the game, as he reportedly packed up the team’s gear for the Tampa Bay road trip, drove the Dodger bus to LAX, and provided in-flight beverage service to the entire squad.

The Dodgers’ total reliance on Kershaw was one of the glaring flaws heading into the season. After the first month, Los Dogs sit at 13-13 with a 5-8 home record. Kershaw has been his usual self (3-1,1.96 ERA) and Maeda has been great (3-1, 1.41 ERA). The rest of the staff? In the words of Fishbone, it’s been “UGLY, UGLY, LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA LA…”

Dig it:

Scott Kazmir—1-2, 5.76 ERA

Alex Wood—1-2, 4.82 ERA

Ross Stripling—0-2, 4.33 ERA

To be fair, Stripling did have a near no-no, but it’s a month into the season and the Dodgers are pretty much where we thought they’d be (read the post “The Dodgers Won’t Make The Playoffs, But We Love Opening Day Anyway” for more info). Los Dogs’ inability to hit mediocre pitching is far worse than we predicted, however.

Will Kershaw’s desire to do it all continue in Tampa Bay? The Dodgers have the day off today, so there could be some beach time on the itinerary. Will Los Dogs challenge the Devil Rays to a Top Gun themed volleyball match? Will Kershaw rub cocoa butter on the backs of the boys in blue? Will he haul Igloo Coolers full of Budweiser and bologna sandwiches around the shore? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth seekers!!!

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