Mediocre Marlins Manhandle Dogs


April 26, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Cue the excuses about a long season: It’s a grind! Somedays you just don’t have your best stuff! All the travel, they must be tired! If the Dodgers are so tired, then they should check into the Sleepy Acres Retirement Home. The team appeared doped as they dropped the series opener to the Miami Lice, 3-2.

Ross Stripling coughed up three runs in 5.1 innings worth of work. It’s all the Marlins would need, as the Dodgers could only scrape up two runs off the Taiwanese Terror, Wei-Yin Chen.

The Petros and Money Show (see attached pic) were holding court at Dodger Stadium yesterday. If you’ve never heard the show, check out a podcast when you get a chance. Eleven years ago, we stumbled upon Petros Papadakis’ show (Money hadn’t joined yet) and were stunned to hear a sports talk show that discussed cool, eclectic music (Petros broke down a Gregory Isaacs concert he’d just seen).

The show also happens to be hysterical (A.C. Green giving a virginity lecture at Petros’ high school and destroying P’s psyche for Prom Night is just a small example), there’s no doubt in our minds Petros is a frustrated stand-up comic (or author, the man’s got a killer vocab). Matt “Money” Smith (ex KROQ man) brings great mirth, fun facts, and added hi-jinks to the proceedings, (he too possesses heavy knowledge of boss tunes, films, early ‘90s fashion…) producers Tim Cates and Ronnie Facio also share their passion for super sounds.

Yes, Petros and Money are on the official Dodger station (AM 570) and often do live broadcasts from the left field pavilion before home games. They usually do an interview with Rick Monday pregame (right before Rick rattles off a righteous ad for a local auto dealer) but you’re just as likely to hear an interview with someone completely outside the world of sports (Eugene Levy called in once, they discussed Club Paradise).

The only sports talk show that comes close to matching Petros and Money in terms of sports-music-cool-comedy is The Sklar Brothers Podcast (not a radio show, more comedy based but plenty of sports takes, check them too).

Have you heard other sports talk programs around the country? They suck. Especially on the east coast. Most shows are usually manned by unfunny blowhards who break their necks imitating Howard Stern. You’ve all seen High Heat with Christopher Russo, right? Now, imagine Russo (and his flat-topped, rubber-faced sidekick) screaming about tampons for three hours on rush hour radio. That’s 90% of the nation’s sports talk, right there.

If you want to find out more about Petros’ heavy USC Football roots, and his standing in the Greek Community, simply Wiki the man…you’ll be glad ya did.

Hey, who’s playing the organ at Dodger Stadium? They rode Nancy Bea out of town on a rail, so who’s tickling the ivories? The tone sounds different, it can’t be Nancy’s organ (NO, don’t even think about a Nancy’s organ joke, DON’T). Why would they drive out Nancy, only to have a weak substitute? Maybe it’s Zaidi, warming up for his next gig at Circus Vargas (who are we kidding, after the Dodgers fire him, he’ll “fail up” to the Yankees).

That’s all for today kiddies. Will Tom Koehler realize that he’s wasting his life pitching and go back to manufacturing toilets? Will Petros park his Silverado too close to the field and risk his windshield getting smashed by a Engelberg foul ball? Will Dave Vassegh barely escape injury from a Camacho’s Nachos grease fire?

Stay tuned! Until tomorrow, mirth seekers!

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