Dodgers Fall To Giants, Wicked Wind Sends Battery Vendors Scrambling


April 8th, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Well, things were zipping along until the fifth inning. A wicked wind started swirling around the stadium, sending battery vendors running for cover. Alex Wood was one inning away from helping the Dodgers tie the 1963 St. Louis Cardinals’ streak of 32 scoreless innings to start a season. It was not to be, however, as Wood gave up three runs to cut the Dodger lead to one (4-3).

Surprisingly, Dave Roberts left Wood in to pitch the sixth inning, which turned out to be a huge mistake as the hated ones quickly had two men on base with no outs. Yimi Garcia came in and immediately surrendered a base hit, which drove in the two runners Wood had allowed. Garcia coughed up a couple more to bring the Giant lead to 7-4.

Joc Pederson ripped a two-run jack in the top of the eighth to bring The Dodgers within one (7-6), but a Hunter Pence grand slam off J.P. Howell in the bottom of the inning crushed all hopes for a blue crew comeback. The final score was 12-6, so much for a 162-0 season!

One of our favorite things about listening to The Dodgers on the radio (we mute the TV if Scully isn’t on) is Rick Monday reading the Daniel’s Jewelers ads. His old time timbre takes us back to a better world. You could be listening to the game in your car, stuck in traffic on the 405—Monday’s relaxing tone makes you feel as if you’re reclining in a backyard hammock. We’re wondering if there’s any way we can get Monday’s voice on our GPS? Maybe an alarm clock? A phone app? Can you imagine waking up to Rick reading a weather report? “Folks, it’s going to be a beautiful day out there, temperatures will get up into the 90s, so make sure to tote that sunscreen around today…” Let’s get this going, Dodger PR people, we want to see Monday Alarm Clocks at the next game (we’ll take a Vin Scully app too!)

How will Ross Stripling’s major league debut go tonight? Tune in tomorrow and find out! Until then, mirth seekers!

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