Don Drysdale’s Drinking Dens

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April 1st, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Despite the 2-1 loss last night to The Halos, Scott Kazmir had a decent outing. Kaz went 4.2 innings, giving up four hits and two walks (a run scored due to a Seager error). His spring E.R.A. now stands at 5.51 (It’s gonna be a looooonng season if Kazmir can’t handle his role).

Dave Roberts stated that either Stripling or Frias would be the fifth starter, we’ll see what the Dodger skip decides next week.

The season starts in San Diego on Monday, and for those who haven’t drank their way through the Gaslight District on the way to Petco, get down there and treat yourself to one of the great stadium walk-ups (or stagger-ups as the case may be) in baseball.

Drinking a beer near the Dodger Stadium parking lot could bring a hail of bullets from local police. Cash-strapped (?) Dodger brass would rather have you consuming those $13 Coors Light cans. The way Chavez Ravine is laid out, it would take you at least thirty minutes to walk to the stadium from any local tavern (and boy, do the greedy owners love that). The gluttonous Guggenheim Group seem to be giving the giant foam finger to fans left and right. No Scully for you! No party-party in our parking pens for you! What’s next? Anal scans at every gate? Do people still party in the parking lot anyway? Yes. Do they smoke weed as if they were about to enter a Yellowman show? Double si.

Did you know that Dodger legend Don Drysdale had a bar? Yes, big Don invested in a few taverns over the years. This blog’s logo is a photo of The Dugout, a joint he co-owned in the valley. It sat on Oxnard Street in Van Nuys, and oh, if those walls could talk. It’s impossible to find any photos of the interior online (there are only two photos we’ve been able to find of the exterior). If there are any readers out there who actually darkened The Dugout’s doors, or any of Don D’s drinking establishments for that matter, drop us a line! Also printed on the matchbooks handed out at The Dugout was another spot called The Irish Mist on Woodman Avenue (also in the San Fernando Valley), we’re not sure if Don had a piece of the Mist or not. What exactly is an Irish Mist, some O’Shaughnessy blowing Bushmills in our face? Just kidding, we know it’s a liqueur, geez.

The mighty ex-Brady Bunch legend also owned two sauce-dens in Hawaii, The Whaler’s Pub in Lahaina, Maui and Don Drysdale’s Club 53 in Kailua Kona.  Here’s what we want to know: How much time did Drysdale spend in all of these joints? It was a much easier time to be an athlete back then in terms of social media, society’s view towards booze, etc…there was no net, no TMZ obviously. Did Drysdale ever bring any of his Dodger compadres to these watering holes? Did he avoid them like the plague? Inquiring minds want to know! Our imagination reels at the possibilities! We envision a darkened den (sort of like The Valley Inn in Sherman Oaks) with red candles on every table. At table #2 Paul Williams and Vin Scully sup Tom Collins’ and speak of Meredith Wilson. Table #3 hosts Wink Martindale, Kim Fowley, and Taylor Negron (fresh off the Dating Game set). They argue about whether The Seeds truly were punk rock. At table #4 Mike Brito and Alice Cooper share a Cuban cigar as they draw up plans for an over-21 water slide in Camarillo. Can you dig it?

There’s only one modern Dodger player that we can imagine ever opening up a bar these days. You guessed it! It’s Yasiel Puig’s Puta Palace! Until next time, party people!!!

4 thoughts on “Don Drysdale’s Drinking Dens

  1. I know Don also owned a “Dugout” in Santa-ana on the corner of Lyon and McFadden. He would give out gift certiifcates on The Angels post game show to guest. Usually it was someone on the opposing team. Mainly because they always had someone from the winning team that night, And the Angels weren’t winning too many games in the early 70’s

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  2. I worked at drysdales in santa ana and knew don well. He did not own this one or any other drysdales, Jack Luffee did get your info right.


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