S/T Game 8 Final: Dodgers 8 Athletics 3


March 10, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Mesa, AZ. Hohokam Stadium—named after a native American culture (the site was built on what used to be Hohokam park). No, a Hohokam is not a tiny camera hidden inside a Hostess Ho Ho. It looks like Zach Lee will start tomorrow, Urias will pitch  Saturday. We have to wonder, if Maeda continues to perform better than Kazmir, will Maeda leapfrog into the number two spot in the rotation? We’ll see how the next couple of weeks plays out. The crowd was lively in Mesa today as a wild woman with a basso voice (she sounded just like Large Marge from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure) bellowed “Let’s go Andre, let’s go,” while Dre was at the plate, which must have prompted a grin from the vet right fielder. The Dodgers entered the game today with a 4-1 spring training record.


How’d They Pitch?


Maeda looked sharp in his second start of the spring, he pitched three scoreless innings with two hits, three ks, and two walks…he also got nailed on a comebacker from leadoff batter Cocoa Crisp, shook it off, stayed in. With questions about Ryu’s return date, it’s marv to see Maeda mowing ’em down.  Yimi Garcia pitched a decent fourth, Liberatore gave up a HR in the fifth 7-1. DeLeon pitched the sixth and seventh innings, giving up two runs on four hits which brought the score to 7-3.  Anderson pitched a scoreless eighth and West tidied up the ninth…8-3 Dogs.


How’s They Hit?


A lot of teams hit well yesterday—Arizona air? The raking continued today. The A’s Rich Hill was cruising in the first inning as he made quick work of Crawford and Hernandez…then Utley walked and stole second. Dave Roberts has been moving runners like rabbits, as expected this spring. Van Slyke walked afterward… Dre walked… AJ Ellis smoked a 3-run double…3-0 Dogs…Trace Thompson homered afterward, 5-0 dogs…five runs on two hits. Noel started off the 2nd inning with a leadoff triple…Crawford sac’d him in…6-0 Dogs.

In the 3rd inning Van Slick (who continues to GRAVEYARD SMASH) hit the top of the center field fence, missing a HR by centimeters, he ended up with a triple. Ethier sac’d him in…7-0 Dogs…Ellis’ hot streak at the plate continues as he went 2-3 with 3 RBIs on the day. Alex Hassan added another run in the eighth on a fielding error to bring the score to 8-3.

The Dodger bats have been red hot this spring, and you gotta love Roberts’ full-speed attack angle on the base paths. The new skipper confirmed he’s sticking with Joc Pederson in center, we here at rascalsoftheravine believe that could certainly change in a couple of weeks with Trayce Thompson breathing down his neck. We’re pulling for the Pederson though, his defense is a thrill to behold, we hope he finds that swing but soon. We’ll continue to see what spring brings! Adieu from AZ!

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