Morris Buttermaker

Bad News Bears - That's Superb

Where do we even start? Bill Lancaster (the screenwriter of The Bad News Bears, and yes, Burt’s son) based the role on his famous father’s cranky booze-driven moods. Buttermaker cleans pools, listens to Vin Scully, and concocts boilermakers from the glove compartment of his busted Caddy. The film captures a bygone California youth wild west of the ’70s; a joint smoking, beer-chugging Spielberg suburb of glory. A un-PC landscape of Round Table Pizzas, dollar-movie theaters, record shops, and video game arcades (it’s all filmed in the San Fernando Valley, of course).  When he slows down the boozing (he never completely sobers up) he becomes a damn fine coach. Winning didn’t matter to The Bears in the end, though. Fun did. The soundtrack? Opera! It’s mostly Carmen: No. 1 Prelude by Bizet, what could be more fitting in life and death baseball!  Even crazier, and on a very personal rascalsoftheravine note, my own father started a triple play on that very field (Mason Park, Chatsworth) in 1955. Therefore, without question, it is our IMAGE OF THE DAY.

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