S/T Game 4 Final: Dodgers 5 Giants 2

Giants Cartoon

March 6, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

The boys in blue took on the scum of Scottsdale today. It’s good to hear the Giants are keeping up their tradition of hiring the worst stadium announcers in major league baseball history. Cecilia Marquis’s flat, tortuous tone continued non-stop throughout the innings as she made a point of announcing every substitution twice, prompting Rick Monday to groan, “oh, she’s taking a victory lap”. Where do the Giants dig up their P.A. people, Guantanamo Bay?

How’d They Hit?

Dodger bats continued to zing in spring as Carl Crawford and Charlie Culberson (that’s a lot of C’s) delivered 2 RBIs each. Puig sac’d in a run again, Van Slyke went two-for-two and worked a walk, Cody Bellinger had a pair of hits as well. Joc Pederson obviously continues to work on his swing as he had a different stance for each at bat (he went 0-3). Thompson, Noel, and Johnson each mustered up a hit. Segedin’s spring slugging streak was snapped (no thanks to a hideous strike three call in the seventh inning that was about a mile outside).

How’d They Pitch?

Zach Lee, De Jong, and Stripling (sidelined on the cusp of call-up by Tommy John surgery after a stellar ’13 season in Chattanooga and R.C.) each pitched two shutout innings. Liberatore relented a run in the third and West coughed up a HR to Crawford in the sixth. Logan Bawcom (45 games in AAA, 4.64 ERA) pitched a nicely-nicely ninth (one walk, one strikeout) to seal the deal and send Giants fans grumbling back to their hotels. Oh, cry us a river, battery chuckers.

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